The Links You Need to Click

I love how Matt Dickman and others do their link roundups, and there are always quite a few I want to share, though it’s so much easier to just post them to than actually get them on the blog (Andrew Raff used to have great link roundups on his blog before resorting to as well).

Here are a few notable links from the past several days:

* Babelgum: Here’s another TV streaming service similar to Joost. At first it’s easy to feel bad for it given how much PR Joost got and how little attention Babelgum received. Yet Babelgum has all the negatives of Joost (slow, requires a download, limited content selection) without the positives that Joost offers (many social features, fairly intuitive interface, and at least some content worth viewing). It’s still early in the game for any of these sites, though I’m not convinced there’ll be a need for either. All the TV networks are already offering some increasingly better experiences for streaming TV shows, and I (like everyone else) am eager to see how the NBC-Fox joint venture holds up. If you still want to try Babelgum after that rave review.

* Webware 100: Vote for your favorite web applications. For a good roundup of what’s new on the web, read about the finalists in every category. You could easily kill a day here.

* I Google Myself. It’s a play – about a gay porn star. Best title ever. Thanks, Manhattan Users Guide, one of the few newsletters I’ve subscribed to almost as long as eMarketer’s. For a lighter take on Googling yourself, check out what happens when Marge Simpson does it.

* It’s new. It’s improved. It’s not good enough to matter, but it gets a golf clap. And it probably gets the next column.

* Wikigroaning: Compare character counts of various topics and you’ll find that there’s major nerd bias at Wikipedia. Internet Dating beats Dating, and Lightsaber Combat beats Modern Warfare. I checked further and Lightsaber Combat even beats the article on War.


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  1. You can’t blame for the links disappearing from my blog. It’s all my own fault. posts the links as posts in my main blog, but I’m just posting much, much less.

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