Ten Haiku for You / Recapping the Insights-Packed / Sysomos Summit

I’m back from Raleigh (“the Barcelona of the South!”) where I had the pleasure of hosting the Sysomos Summit, a gathering of marketers from brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, Porsche, UPS, T-Mobile, and too many others to name, along with executives from esteemed agencies and other firms.

As the Summit was wrapping up, I shared some haiku on Twitter, in part inspired by Margaret Czeisler noting how Generation Z is showing a renewed interest in short-form poetry. The full haiku series is below. You can follow other highlights from the event by checking #SysomosSummit on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or by visiting the Sysomos blog.

On to the haiku…

Sysomos Summit
Marketers candidly share
Insights, not data

¿Qué pasa, Raleigh?
Barcelona of the South
Have some tapas ‘cue

Culture Creators
Superfans are new celebs
Still won’t clean their rooms

How to handle trolls
Open up and embrace them
Or answer riddles

The Falls rises
Breaks down how some insights suck
Falls upped our know-how

Count 10 Pearson trends
OMG my brain is full
All will want his slides

Organic reach: dead?
Like Lazarus, it revives
When fans see value

Blocking, tackling
Power Coke’s social success
Just do basics right

Preach it, Delta Rae
Rock, gospel, soul and blues fuse
Grammy coming soon

What marketers want:
Tools that learn, people who learn
Result: partnerships

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