Blog Search Stuck in Beta

Here’s today’s column, originally published in MediaPost where there are a number of comments, including a few disagreements and some new sites mentioned which I’m trying out. Feel free to share your own thoughts here or there. Whenever I’m talking to marketers about how to listen to their brands, blog search engines always come up […]

First Impressions of Blog World Expo

As I sit down to write this in room 7-11 of the Hilton (you’d think people request this room months in advance), my laptop says it’s 3:53am, though it’s three hours earlier here in Las Vegas for Blog World Expo. For those who can’t be here, or for those who can, here’s a somewhat random […]

What Could Summize Do for Twitter?

The following post originally ran on 360i’s Digital Connections blog, which just launched today. There will be some cross-posting; entries from here will periodically make their way there, and I may well post a few things there that don’t make it here. There will also be others posting at 360i’s blog. My weekly columns will […]

Five Reasons My Posting Has Lagged

1) Twitter. Quick links and short updates wind up going there. And it’s easier to have conversations there. I’ve also found that on a lot of posts comments have dropped off because the discussion happens on Twitter. That’s good and bad. Twitter comments are fleeting and ephemeral and they only benefit people on Twitter, but […]

Craigslist Scam Update: Six Months Later

The two posts on this blog with the most staying power, drawing comments week in and week out, come from an experience with Craigslist. Like, oh, about a couple billion people, I’m a big fan of the site. I’m now living in the second of two apartments I’ve found through Craigslist. Soon after I first […]

How Twitter is Making Blogging Better

In the comments to CK’s post about my media sponsorship policy, she recommended that I open up a forum on my blog during events that I cover for others to interact, ask questions, take polls, and bring the events to life as much as possible on the blog. I have tried doing this to some […]