Wii Waiting

Yesterday a.m., I took the plunge of waiting for a Wii. Ever since I played Wii Sports at my friend Michael Eisenstein’s place, I knew I’d have to go for it. I didn’t expect to still need to wait for hours so many months after it came out. Most of this chronicle was written while […]

Up Up and a Wii

Finally, I had a chance to play the Wii at a friend’s place this week. Wow. And I only played the sports games that came with the system. I started off playing boxing, which was alright, but then it got really involved. Batting practice blew me away; I had to bend my knees and step […]

JuryDuty.com and Reconquering Zelda

I’m managing to blog from jury duty – at least, from the room where you wait around until you’re called before you go before a judge. In this room, there are a half-dozen hardwired Internet connections, a relief for this online marketer and blogger. The downside: some of the links I’m finding in Google are […]