Is the Thrill of the Product Hunt Gone?

This was originally published Medium and LinkedIn – seems like it's worth sharing here too… Product Hunt debuted in mid-2014 at the perfect time to give startups a way to promote themselves to a populace that seemingly can’t get enough of them. But maybe some of us can get enough after all. Below, data from Product […]

Expanding EZPass

Idea of the day: Why not expand E-Z Pass (or toll tags, or whatever automated system you might have to pass through highway tolls quickly by paying automatically from a device inside your car) to shopping malls? They shouldn’t be confined to the highways, and large parking garages where visitors return sporadically and pay as […]

Branching into Family Trees

Courtesy of TechCrunch, is one of my new online obsessions. It allows you to create family trees and collaborate with other family members. It’s hardly perfect. For instance, it’s slow, and you can’t put that a couple wasn’t married (the closest you can do is "divorced"), so it needs some fine tuning. I also […]

A Service I’d Pay For

I’d pay the price of an average magazine subscription just to be able to change all my magazine addresses in one shot. There are currently about 8-10 I read regularly and a few others I often leaf through, and as I’m preparing to move, changing each of these one by one is a tedious headache. […]