The Wrong Route To Social Commerce

 Social + Commerce — like Bacon + Brownies? The Wrong Route to Social Commerceoriginally in MediaPost's Social Media Insider  Lost in the chaos last week, amidst signs of rapture and fears of a second dot-com bubble, was a positive omen. What once appeared to be one of the four horsemen of social media's apocalypse met […]

RFID and NFC presentation from SXSW

Whoa, that title's a mouthful. Interested in radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communications (NFC)? Have no clue what either are? I hope the talk I'm giving at South by Southwest (SXSW) will be useful for both audiences, and I welcome your feedback. Slides are below, the short link is, and further resources […]

Kneel Before the King of Disinfectant

Originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider My name is David B., and I'm the King of Disinfectant. That's how I'll need to introduce myself when a 12-step program comes along to help people with their mobile social media obsessions. If I work fast, I can get this listed as a condition in the Diagnostic […]

The 10 Most Moving Search Engines

Here's the latest column from MediaPost. Any time you're up for some bhaktsa marku, send me a note. Dalai Lama by Getty Images via Daylife Over the weekend, under the gaze of a painting of the Dalai Lama at Tibetan Kitchen, I savored my dessert of bhaktsa marku while thinking of all the search engines […]

You Call That a Bribe?

Today’s Search Insider column, originally in MediaPost Microsoft’s new Live Search Cashback program has been routinely called a bribe by journalists and pundits. Microsoft and others have tried to bribe users before, but calling Cashback a form of “bribery” diminishes the meaning of the word. Here’s how Cashback works: A consumer searches a Microsoft property […]