What Marketers Don’t Get about Vine

This post originally ran in Ad Age Digital Next. The version below is somewhat different – more of a 'director's cut' as I chose to restore some edits that were changed in the published piece. You can also read a second post on Ad Age with 8 Vine artists you need to follow. Marketers, repeat […]

How YouTube Became A Community

The new YouTube: a great new branding and engagement platform, or another (@$&ing community to manage? How YouTube Became A Communityoriginally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider Hey, community managers, the good news is that you have a new community to manage. Of course, that’s also the bad news. YouTube has always been a funny […]

Discovering Hot Spots From YouTube Insights

Image by via CrunchBase The most valuable benefit of marketing videos on YouTube may not be the views but what you learn about the viewers. Last week, we talked about YouTube's Sponsored Video ad platform and how it's a complement to, but not replacement for, traditional search engine marketing. If you do find value in […]

Pausing To Rate YouTube’s Sponsored Video

Image via CrunchBase Let’s agree right away that YouTube’s Sponsored Video isn’t the next Google Killer. It’s not even the next Yahoo killer, even though comScore recently reported that YouTube is now the second largest search engine. Fittingly, around the time that the comScore news broke, Google publicly launched search-triggered Sponsored Video ads on YouTube. […]

Flip Video + Flickr Video Upload Trial

At the Adobe event launching the Adobe Media Player, they gave away some pretty cool schwag: a Flip Video Ultra 2 GB (60 minute) camera, a toy I’ve wanted to play with for awhile and came close to buying repeatedly. Given the launch of video on Flickr this week, it was a good time to […]