When Will Facebook Find Its Voice?

A more polished, edited version of this appeared in Ad Age. You’re stuck with the original ‘director’s cut’ here.  When Will Facebook Find Its Voice? Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and now Apple made their voice-activated hardware approaches clear. There’s one proverbial elephant that isn’t in the literal living room right now though: Facebook. Does that mean […]

10 Ways Facebook Has Changed Since 2004

10 Ways Facebook Has Changed Since 2004originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider Facebook has earned a few degrees since it launched as Thefacebook in 2004. A Facebook media kit from the spring of 2004 recently surfaced, and it offers a glimpse as to how much has changed since then. Here are 10 quotes from […]

The Social Bowl That Wasn’t

The Social Bowl That Wasn'toriginally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider Super Bowl XLVI may be over, but as long as there are still drunk fans screaming at the bar Tonic in Manhattan’s Murray Hill, the analysis will go on. It’s not just the Patriots that should be hitting their heads over all the dropped […]

The Chosen Media

The Chosen Media originally published in MediaPost’s Social Media Insider (update: for the benefit of the Walgreens representative who commented below, and the benefit of anyone else who may be confused, this entire column is an opinion, as is everything else on this blog) “Now therefore, if You will obey our voices, and keep our […]

Facebook’s Little ‘M’ KOs Three ‘Ws’

Facebook Mobile: big things in a small package (Image via Facebook) Facebook's Little 'M' KOs Three 'Ws'originally published in MediaPost Facebook takes its leadership mantle seriously. Instead of merely coming out with a new iPad app, it changed in ways that will long cement its role as the most important suite of mobile sites and […]

Marketers, Facebook Is Not About You

The mission statement doesn't include making life easier for brands. (from f8 2008; image credit: me) Marketers, Facebook is not about Youoriginally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider Facebook's f8 event last week will have lasting ramifications for the network's 800 million users. It will also have implications for brands, but the biggest takeaway should […]

Facebook News Feed Protest Posters Through the Ages

I keep seeing various forms of News Feed protest on Facebook, along with the backlash to the backlash. Here are a few more contributions: Facebook News Feed protest posters through the ages. You can find these on SlideShare, Flickr, and sequentially below.   Facebook News Feed Protest Posters Through the Ages View more presentations from […]

The Boy Who Cried “Privacy Breach!”

This was originally published in MediaPost's Social Media Insider, and I was originally going to call it "Privacy, Shmivacy" but deferred to Aesop instead. Image source: knowyourapps.com. The Boy Who Cried "Privacy Breach!" Gather around for a story, boys and girls. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Once upon a time, there was […]