David Berkowitz Fires Himself from Serial Marketer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2016 /Newswire-USNewswire/ — David Berkowitz, principal of Serial Marketer, has fired himself, effective immediately. Mr. Berkowitz will continue publishing Serial Marketer’s blog and newsletter, but business operations are now winding down, with remaining projects to be completed in the coming weeks. “David Berkowitz was, to be totally honest, […]

Facebook News Feed Protest Posters Through the Ages

I keep seeing various forms of News Feed protest on Facebook, along with the backlash to the backlash. Here are a few more contributions: Facebook News Feed protest posters through the ages. You can find these on SlideShare, Flickr, and sequentially below.   Facebook News Feed Protest Posters Through the Ages View more presentations from […]

Which Facebook App Are You?

Here’s today’s Online Spin column, a little light reading ahead of the 4th of July weekend. By now, you know which "Sex and the City" character you are, along with which Disney princess, Victoria’s Secret angel, Spice Girl, "L-Word" character, and Desperate Housewife.  You can determine your cosmic match among "Star Wars" and "Simpsons" characters, […]

Social Networking Wars

I had no time to watch this, but it had all the animation quality of 80s Saturday morning cartoons with subject matter much closer to my heart than Voltron. The best part? MySpace fearing it will turn into Friendster. Here’s Social Networking Wars from Current.com. Enjoy.