The New Rushkoff, Godin-Approved

GetbackinboxDouglas Rushkoff has a new book out. Read it. Buy it. Book a flight just so you’ll have six hours to set aside to read it. I’ve read some of his other opuses (or is it opi?) and he’s at the very least thought provoking. More to the point, odds are you won’t always agree with him, but you’ll thank him for putting a new spin on things. Pick up Get Back in the Box here – I don’t even get a commission for it.

As a bonus, it has the Seth Godin Seal of Approval: "Get your highlighters out! There’s a worldchanging idea on each and every page."

Though I think Seth could use some original book jacket quotes. Here’s what he said about The Ten Faces of Innovation: "Essential reading for every single person in your organization–even the CEO should read it! Each page contains a nugget that’s worth the price of the entire book. Wow."

What will be on each page of the next book he reviews?

Ten Faces was one of the best business books I’ve read. If the new Rushkoff is anywhere near as good as Ten Faces, then reading Get Back in the Box is time well spent.