Frostblog IV: The 100 Questions of Personalization

One of my favorite sessions was Brian Price from Verizon discussing "Marketing’s Balancing Act: Personalization vs. Privacy."

There were 30 or so people in the room, and everyone shared their own questions and issues they’re grappling with surrounding personalization. At some point, I’d love to come up with 100 questions/issues/angles on personalization. I can’t imagine the list would be too hard to formulate with a bit of time brainstorming. This is more under "angles" – but worth musing on nonetheless:

  • Language-based personalization
  • Marketers’ experiences with various vendors
  • Site-side personalization: anonymous vs. registered users
  • Shared consumer experiences
  • Bridging the offline and online experience
  • IP Targeting
  • Dayparting
  • Privacy issues
  • Adhering to best practices
  • Cookies
  • Government intervention (one audience member envisioned a "Do Not Cookie Me" list)
  • Adware/spyware concerns

Plenty more coming.