The Definitive Guide to 2006

Hd_srchinsider_1 Now in MediaPost:

Shelve your crystal ball. You’re now going to find out the eight most significant developments for the search space that will arise in 2006. I can say this with utmost confidence now; the humility of hindsight will come in December.

1. Mobile search remains confined to text messaging.

2. Yahoo! is the partner everyone wants to dance with.

3. Google Wallet goes Base jumping.

4. Measurements debut for engagement; search is neglected.

5. Jeeves goes local.

6. iTunes overhauls its search functionality.

7. MSN feels more trees.

8. Behavioral targeting and search join forces.

All of these are explained in the full article here. There’s even a pithy conclusion. How can you not click over for a pithy conclusion?

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