Today’s Online Ad News: 10 Words or Less

For awhile, I’ve wanted to combat the news overdose by summarizing the day’s stories in 10 words or less. Here’s a first stab, from MediaPost’s Online Media Daily:

Amazon Tests AdSense Alternative
E-commerce giant offers affiliates contextual ads. Spare change can’t hurt.

Dell Mulls Google Software Bundle
Next step in relationship. Joint portal already exists at

Lazard: Time Warner Flubbed AOL
Icahn-commissioned report: AOL botched search, broadband strategies. Hardly news.

Brightcove To Distribute Broadband Video For Times
NYT syndicates video, welcomes consumer generated media. New Times indeed.

IAB Updates Bot and Spider List
Goal: honest impression counting, better ad measurement. Arachnophobia’s overrated.

Showtime to Distribute on iTunes
Everybody’s doing it. $2 gets you some Weeds.