Invite: Geek Dinner, Boston, July 12

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The night before Frost & Sullivan’s Internet Marketing Strategies 2006 (I’m moderating a panel on blogging), some bloggers and other renowned geeks are getting together at a dinner at Fire & Ice. Noted luminaries there include Web Prophet Jeremiah Owyang (he will also prophecize your order – if he’s wrong, you eat free), Ted Murphy of MindComet and Internet Marketing Voodoo (and a fine podcast host), and Naked Conversations author Shel Israel (just wait till you see what he’s wearing to the dinner conversation).

All these A-list bloggers are letting me come along and play geek with them. I’ll be like Anybodys in West Side Story, but with a better haircut.

The dinner’s at Fire & Ice, 205 Berkeley St, Boston, 7pm on Wed July 12. RSVP if you can come so we reserve enough seats for everyone and their gadgets.

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