Search Insider: Read On For An Exciting Chance To Win More Customers!

A quick one today with the column that came out last week:

Try to name a campaign that has included search marketing as a memorable component. Several come to mind. Pontiac advertised on TV and directed viewers to "Google ‘Pontiac’ to find out" more. Sony crafted an intricate interactive campaign for "The Da Vinci Code" that required players to use various Google search services to complete the puzzles. Currently, Baskin-Robbins connects with Yahoo Local to direct entrants to "find the pink spoon" and win prizes if they do. The common thread: no search is an island.

I’ve been hearing many discussions lately on search’s role in the so-called media mix. How common is integration now? It’s hard to measure, though anecdotally more examples come to mind. Yet one type of integration I’m seeing little of is tying promotional campaigns to search.

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