Design and Web 2.0

Here’s the original link from Jeremiah regarding Web 2.0 color schemes. If you’re interested in this Web 2.0 stuff, you need to read him every day. Subscribe via e-mail if you prefer it that way.

Link: Design, Font, Color, and Logo 2.0 – Web Strategy by Jeremiah.

PS: Anyone have better ideas for renaming Web 2.0? Seems like 2.0 just means anything you can tag or build in Ajax. Woohoo. It’s still the web, the one that’s been around awhile now, with many versions and upgrades improving its maturity (hardly just 2 versions – though some may say it’s still in beta, or alpha).

3 thoughts on “Design and Web 2.0

  1. CK
    Social Media is a term I’ve used to (see my blogroll) where you’ll find NO tag called web20.
    Social Media doesn’t cover RIA (like Ajax) so it doesn’t quite fit.

  2. David
    I’m sorry. As I hate that term too, I cringe when I write it but I really have a hard time calling it something else.
    Recently I tried to avoid it and called it “Modern Web Companies” but it just didn’t have the right ring to it.
    Funny thing is, Web 2.0 companies call identify themselves as that, so it’s going to be hard to stop that term

  3. I try to stick to “Social Media” and “Social Media Tools/Technologies” as much as possible, but Web 2.0 is somewhat permanent. Sigh.

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