Dinner Cruise – 360i Summit

At 6:30, scores of attendees and a few other guests boarded the Royal Princess yacht for a three hour tour (sing it, “three hour tour”) of Manhattan and those other landmasses – I think one was Brooklyn, Jersey was somewhere out there…

The weather did start getting rough, but the not-so-tiny ship never got lost, and we made it within spitting distance of the Statue of Liberty under clear skies amid a crispness in the air that signals fall is really upon us. Fortunately, the event went nothing like this.

It was a perfect setting for digesting the packed day, unwinding, and trying not to fall over from exhaustion while talking to clients and members of the press.

Thanks to Sarah Hofstetter for putting it all together, Jeffrey Melton for making sure the day ran smoothly, NYU for hosting it, and all the others who made the day one of the better conferences I’ve attended. (I’d be wary of singing the event’s praises here if I didn’t hear and overhear that sentiment, in even more exuberant form, repeated by countless attendees throughout the day.)

Now, back to work.