Googling Elections

I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but Google just release a Google Earth plugin for US election info. From their release:

Today Google Earth celebrates the election season with the launch of the 2006
Google Earth Election Guide.

Conceived by Google Earth engineers who found it difficult to find aggregated
election information online about races country-wide, the 2006 Google Earth
Election Guide serves as an easily accessible resource for users to find
information about candidates, voter registration, and campaign financing for the
November 7th elections.

The 2006 Google Earth Election Guide includes clickable place marks for all
435 Congressional districts.

I’d rather see this as a mashup for Google Maps than Google Earth, since the former’s much quicker to load and access, but this is still a great way to plot useful information and allow John Q. to get more involved with this democracy stuff we hear so much about.