Googling Elections

I try to refrain from posting articles that quote me so I can keep the head swelling down a bit, but I’ll make an exception here for 3 reasons:

1) It’s a good article about Google’s role in influencing public opinion.
2) I didn’t just give the reporter a quote; I gave him the subheader for the article.
3) Sometimes my head’s allowed to swell (even Cara’s encouraging it this time, and she’s the first to keep me in check).


Bombing Politicians

Theoretically, Google Could Determine Who Controls Congress


Oct. 26, 2006 — For all of Google’s power and popularity, here’s an unexpected question:

Google tell people how to vote in the upcoming election?

could theoretically impact an election," said David Berkowitz, at the search engine
marketing firm 360i. "Presumably, Google could have a role in who controls

Here’s how.
A liberal activist with the group blog "" is directing his followers to
"Google Bomb" 50 Republican candidates in the hopes of swaying votes. For
example, if a voter is interested in finding out more information about Rep.
John Hostettler, an Indiana Republican, the first thing to come up on a search
of his name, according to this strategy, would be an article with the headline
"Congressman cited with gun at airport."

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