Second Life Hot Spots

With Reuters, Sony BMG, Wired, Intel, and others recently entering Second Life, I started to wonder where people were really going there. I’ve seen some people stop by the corporate offices, but reports say 10,000 people are online at a time, of the 1 million residents. Where are they?

The most people I saw at any one time were at a slingo match. Yet that place was pretty tame – like a bingo night at a church (I can’t make this up). Apparently, churches aren’t the draw either. Click the image below to see the most popular locations. The list is essentially entirely porn and gambling.


One thought on “Second Life Hot Spots

  1. Hey David, I love SecondLife, well, love the concept, I am actually not an avatar. I posted a few blogs on the subject, did you hear about BBC Radio One hosting a live concert and the ideas about new artists introducing their music through their second lives…..Good stuff.

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