4 thoughts on “Time Warner: YouTube’s Lex Luthor

  1. D: I tracked-back to you on this one…did you not get it on your side? Just curious if the issue is on my side.
    Well, whatever side, have a happy Turkey Day. Don’t buy Superman (not that you would).

  2. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s BS.

    Boys, boys, boys when will you learn that sneaky behavior only makes you the butt of our blogging jokes? Did you actually think you could fool the community? There is a law (psst: it stems from sincerity and share, put that in your boardroom) and there…

  3. Time Warner / AOL is one of the worst companies in existence. No smart web person or musician, or Blog Media Network mogul (heh: Jason Calacanis) will go near them.
    Jason resigned. I don’t blame him.

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