Cassie Sutton’s Holiday Wishes

Cara received a strange holiday card this week from the Sutton family, who we didn’t know. They sent regards from Lincoln Heights and described what’s going on with the family.

Something was fishy as nothing was handwritten on the card or envelope, and there was no return address. There was one link though, a MySpace page for daughter Cassie Sutton, which includes a video for an ABC Family series, "Lincoln Heights."

Perhaps Cara’s the first to receive it, as Cassie only has a few friends (there are 14 so far; I’m not accepted yet). That’s not likely though, especially since the card was originally sent to Cara’s old address. More likely is that either ABC’s agency is falling asleep at the wheel in adding friends, or people just don’t care to find out more about a holiday card that seems to be sent to the wrong person.

It’s certainly clever and stands out from the clutter, if it doesn’t get lost in the holiday mail blitz. We’ll have to check back with Cassie’s popularity when the show premieres so we can see how she did.