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This blog doesn’t take real sponsorships. Instead, one site that is making the web and world a better place will reside atop the blog free of charge. To nominate a site for future week’s non-sponsor, contact me.

I checked out, and it’s a great one for your tagroll. It also has gift ideas that the recipient will never want to return – though they might want to return the favor. This is from a recent email of theirs:

Every year, one hundred billion dollars is spent on holiday presents. That’s "billion" with a "b" and 100 with a hundred. Imagine, for one delirious moment, what could be done this very year if all of it, or even some meaningful percentage, went to changing the world for the better. Imagine.

This notion isn’t so farfetched. In fact, that is exactly the purpose
of has over a thousand donation gifts covering every cause you can think of. For very little money people can choose to buy books for children, save an acre of the rainforest, buy an hour of a cancer researcher’s time or feed a hungry family. And you can make a donation gift in someone’s name and send them a personalized card. You can choose from a library of photos, or upload your own.

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