Moving in to Ask City

I’m checking out the new Ask City service, and I’m impressed with what you can do. I just found a great listing of events in my new neighborhood, and if Cara and I didn’t just get a DVR, we’d have some wonderful options a few blocks away from us.

Link: events, 225 E 86th St, Manhattan, NY 10028 – Ask Event Search.

There’s a lot more IAC/Ask can do with this, but so far so good. As for me, with all these events going on, I know what I’m doing tonight: watching more Entourage.

One thought on “Moving in to Ask City

  1. Ask did lots of little things to try to get their site better this year, like the mouseover website preview.
    I am surprised they already have Canadian events for Ask City 🙂 maybe they will have something for Europe and Asia later on, but that seems to be a reach.

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