No Lifeline for Bloglines?

On the Search Insider blog at MediaPost, one of my favorite tech writers Susan Kuchinskas offered the following comment to my column on AskCity:

I agree with you. Interestingly, Ask doesn’t seem interested in
promoting Bloglines. They’ve told me a couple of times that they see
the main value of Bloglines to be defining the relevance of blog search
results:The more people who have subscribed to a blog, the more
relevance the algorithms ascribe to it. I guess maybe if too many
people use Bloglines, they think it will dilute this usefulness (altho
they have never said this directly.)

Has anyone else heard about this? I just started using Bloglines after Pluck terminated its feed reader and it’s working out well enough, though old fogey that I am, I still prefer to get my blogs via email.

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