Quick Reflexes for a Manatee

I love this story via the NY Times:

  • In a throwaway line in a sketch about college mascots on Conan O’Brien, someone references HornyManatee.com.
  • NBC registers the domain right after the taping but before it airs. Brilliant. Apparently the move was also to prevent issues from the FCC, in case someone else registered the domain and put up something unkosher.
  • Conan’s staff puts up some pictures of costumed manatees doing salacious acts, and welcomes people to enter their own submissions. That’s right, NBC’s getting this whole social media thing.
  • NBC racks up 3 million hits in a month.

See the full story at NYTimes.com.

Aside: I love that NBC snagged the domain to prevent FCC fines, only to fill it with costumed manatee porn.

Aside #2: When I visited the site (click the thumbnail for a full image), Jell-o’s sponsoring. I’ve also seen ads for Delta and Toyota. Still, Jell-o strikes me as especially wholesome. Do they know their brand is being associated with sea creature puppets in heat?

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