Site Search: Stepping on the Gas

One of my favorite search tools is searching within a site (it comes in handy mostly professionally). For instance, in a Google or Yahoo search bar (whether from the homepage, a toolbar, or desktop) " google," it will bring up all the pages that reference Google on my blog.

I tried it again, inspired by eMarketer’s Dana Hill, after he sent me an article about flatulence sparking a jail fight that ran in the NY Times (it’s an AP story). I wondered how often the Times covers flatulence. Google says there are 1,370 flatulence references on, compared to 47 on

Now you know what paper of record to turn to if you want a silent but deadly read.

One thought on “Site Search: Stepping on the Gas

  1. Is that really a fair search? Isn’t most of the WSJ content locked away behind a paywall? The WSJ may be covering flatulence more closely than the Times, but only for the benefit of its subscribers. And I suspect that the Post may have the best coverage on this beat. Or at least the best headlines.

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