A Benchmark for Community Success, via the Knotties

There are a lot of ways to define if you have a successful online community. Here’s a personal favorite (discovered by Cara): you have to post a guide to frequently used acronyms by your members, as a guide to newbies. A case in point: TheKnot.com, which has an inner circle of message board posters known as "the Knotties." They’re so steeped in their own code language, TheKnot.com publishes a Frequently Asked Questions guide to their lingo. A few examples:

  • BC, BCPBirth Control, Birth Control Pills
  • FBIL: Future Brother-In-Law
  • JP: Justice of the Peace
  • P&E: Planning and Etiquette Board
  • STDs: Save-The-Date Cards

It’s so involved, some acronyms have double-meanings, such as BM standing for Best Man and Bridesmaid (I won’t even mention the gastrointestinal reference).