From the Red-Eye to Reuters

I can’t resist posting this one. Reuters interviewed me this week on widgets and the story just went on the site last night.

A few notes:
1) They spelled my company’s name wrong in my byline. So much for the branding. At least the reporter pronounced it right. 360i – four characters. Two are out of order in the clip.

2) The text next to the video spells the reporter’s name wrong. She’s Bobbi, not Bibbi. And she runs stories, oh, every day. Screwing up my company’s understandable. But the reporter’s name? Granted, by 5pm on a Friday, I’m just trying to get out of the office too.

3) My big TV appearance came a few hours after me getting off the red-eye after returning from OMMA Hollywood. If you’re wondering why it looks like I hadn’t gotten any real sleep in the previous 40 hours, well, I hadn’t.

4) The background for Yahoo looks like the set of Blue’s Clues. The Daily Show does better.

Enough nitpicking.


One thought on “From the Red-Eye to Reuters

  1. David,
    It was great meeting you last night at the blogger meetup. Keep in touch. Let me know what you think of Twitter once you get the IM up and running. It makes my posting really easy. (Nice clip on Reuters btw.)

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