Personal Update: New Title, Crystallized Role

I try not to use this blog to shill myself or this company, but… this is big news for me and might be of interest to some readers, so I’ll share accordingly. Later I’ll resume more corporate fun.

My official role at 360i has been updated from Director of Strategic Planning (more of a catch-all for a broad interdepartmental role at the company) to Director of Emerging Media (much more accurate given what I’ve been focusing on) to Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy (that gets a heck of a lot closer to what I’m doing here). The press release, if you’re so inclined to read the official take, is available here at

Here’s the gist, excerpted directly from the release:

360i Expands Emerging Media Group

Promotes Sarah Hofstetter and David Berkowitz to Lead
Integration of Search and Social Media and Ensure Brand Engagement and

“Consumers are already talking about the brands we
work with, so we’re able to amplify the conversations and bring our
clients from the sidelines into the center of these communities,” said
Mr. Berkowitz. “We’re helping our clients contribute to the
conversations, build relationships with their most vocal constituents,
and communicate in a very personal way with the people who are most
eager to listen.” 

4 thoughts on “Personal Update: New Title, Crystallized Role

  1. David,
    Congratulations … well deserved! Look forward to catching up soon!

  2. David — Sounds very exciting indeed. Congratulations! It’s always good to have roles more defined so you can really take them to the next level.

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