Friend Wheel of Social Fortune

I saw some friends of mine on Facebook added the Friend Wheel, so I had to follow suit. It’s an amazing visualization of your own social network. Apparently mine has 255 nodes (my friends) with 890 links between them, or 3.5 links per node. If I exclude friends without links I have 210 nodes with 890 links, or 4.2 links per friend. This kind of modeling can have some practical value as well, as Visible Path aims to demonstrate with its own address book mapping algorithms that compete in various ways with Plaxo and LinkedIn.

You can see the example below (click to enlarge)
, and you might even be able to see mine, including the interactive Flash version, at the creator Thomas Fletcher’s site.

3 thoughts on “Friend Wheel of Social Fortune

  1. Just got mine. Not impressed. Not with the product, but with my wheel of friends. Not much there. Very embarassed.

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