Birthday Greetings by Channel, October 2007

This year more than ever, my birthday (today) has emerged as a great networking opportunity, largely thanks to people reaching out via Facebook, email, and to a noticeable degree this year, Plaxo. Here’s a rough stab at charting it out:

A few notes here:

  • The phone is entirely from family and a couple close friends.
  • Other social media properties like MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Upcoming, Flickr, and Delicious haven’t registered.
  • The blog hasn’t contributed yet, but it may well now, not that I’m fishing.

7 thoughts on “Birthday Greetings by Channel, October 2007

  1. Only you would pie-chart it.
    This marketer (and friend) is proud. sniff.
    Happy Bday…can I get on the belated bday greeting pie chart?

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