Dopplr Travel Social Network Invites Available

Thanks to Cam Balzer, I’m now on Dopplr, a social network where you can show what trips you’re going on and connect with others. I’m not sure how useful this is as a stand-alone site, but it’s still in beta and I’m just checking it out. It just strikes me as something that could work much better as a Facebook app.

If you want an invite, just post a note in the comments or email me directly.

6 thoughts on “Dopplr Travel Social Network Invites Available

  1. For those still eyeing the comments here:
    A) Privacy doesn’t concern me as you have full control over who views your trips; you only see your friends’ travels.
    B) I’m getting more into Dopplr the more I try it. It could actually be really useful when I’m figuring out who to meet with in what city and get a sense of who’s coming to town.

  2. Doesn’t privacy concern you? I am not sure I would want to post to the world when I was going to be out of town, for how long, and where I keep the spare key.

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