4 thoughts on “Get Yer Twitter Debate Here

  1. I agree with most people that Twitter is an asynchronous water cooler. But if the blather on Twitter were to attract enough people to hit some sort of critical mass, it does promise social benefits beyond glimpses into friends’ and colleagues’ sorry lives . I love this story about how at least one person’s panic after a steam pipe explosion was calmed via Twitter: http://www.digitalsolid.com/2007/07/20/explosion-causes-a-potty-mouthed-twitter-skeptic-to-see-the-light/

  2. you are quite the rage today David. I met some of your friends BTW at the Forrester Consumer Forum.
    Nice blog design, I like the expanded columns.

  3. Thanks for the comment. Great minds think alike (JK). I appreciate the 140 character limit, i think it’s more of an alerting system for richer blog entries. It’s surprising how much can be said when one is limited. So often great writers end up using a lot of words to deliver a rather simple message.

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