Happy Blog Action Day – Bloggers Unite for the Environment

The environment’s great. Without it, there would be no bloggers, and no blogs, and no Daily Show, and all of that would be a tragedy. In light of that, I’ll spread the word courtesy of TypePad, the blog publishing platform that I’ve used since this blog’s birth nearly two years ago, about Blog Action Day. Remember, if the environment falls apart, your RSS reader will be totally useless.

Here are some bona fide resources that probably take this environmentalist stuff even more seriously than a marketing blog (even more are available at Blog Action Day’s official site):

  • Eyeka’s Blog Action Day Page –  Eyeka
    contributors have made hundreds of photos and videos freely available
    for use in Blog Action Day! Visit and download them for free!
  • Treehugger – Easily the best environmental blog on the web, Treehugger has a great section called How to Go Green as well as tons of other useful stuff.  It’s manned by some 40 writers around the world and contains no less than 14,000 posts!
  • Wikipedia’s list of environmental issues – With enough links to keep you busy for hours, Wikipedia should easily set you off on your environmental web travels.
  • Digg’s Popular Environment Stories
    – lists tons of popular posts and articles on all sorts of subjects.
    Looking forward to seeing some Blog Action Day posts appearing here and
    on reddit on October 15th!
  • We can live green
    – A lot of things boil down to practicality and We Can Live Green will
    help you find actual products and consumables that are environmentally
  • IMDB’s Highest Rated Environmental Movies and Documentaries
    – Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth isn’t the only environmental DVD to
    watch, check out IMDB’s list of features ordered by user ratings.
  • The Nature Conservancy’s Carbon Calculator – This calculator leaves all other carbon calculators in it’s wake!
  • Zerofootprint – Calculators Galore
  • Adopt the Sky – One of the nicer looking environmental sites around!
  • MakeMeSustainable – Tools to take action!

As part of this day, bloggers are encouraged to donate their daily ad revenue’s to an environmental cause of their choice. This blog doesn’t earn any ad revenue (and, thanks to hosting fees, operates at a loss), but it has made a contribution to Clean Ocean Action, 4-star (top-rated) charity as listed on Charity Navigator; you can find all environmental organizations on Charity Navigator here.

2 thoughts on “Happy Blog Action Day – Bloggers Unite for the Environment

  1. Hey David,
    This is the first time I’ve linked through from the feed since you updated your blog design — I like it! Well done.
    Here’re my two cents worth of an environmental blog: http://www.celsias.com.
    (Disclosure: one of the Celsias directors is also on the board of VortexDNA.)

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