Watch Celebrity Videos at Clinique, Support Big Brothers Big Sisters

Maybe it’s because everyone’s getting into holiday giving mode, but I’m getting more emails about philanthropic causes to support, and as long as they resonate with me at least in some way, I’m more than happy to share them here.

Below is an email I received from Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City, a cause I was marginally involved with (no need to overstate things here), and one I’m happy to support. This also happens to be a great use of online video, one I’d expect to see more of. If you have a minute, click to view one of these short films, even if you just have it running in the background (I’m not sure if you need to watch the full movie for the donation to count, but I’m playing it safe).

Clinique Happy and Glamour Magazine are making watching films and downloading music charitable!

You can help support Big Brothers Big Sisters by watching 3 new celebrity-filled short films directed by Rita Wilson, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Hudson from the Glamour Reel Moments Series, sponsored by Clinique.
All the films are about 10-20 minutes in length and feature happiness as part of their storyline.


Each time the films are viewed online free of charge at
Glamour Magazine will make a $1 donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters – up to $10,000! And, each time Rita Wilson’s new song, Lessons Learned – an original ballad she sings from her film – is
downloaded free of charge on the clinique website, they will donate another $1 to Big Brothers Big Sisters — up to $10,000!


This exciting new online cause marketing campaign will only be live for
about a month. Please check out all the movies and the song at

and forward this e-mail to your family and friends so they can enjoy
while helping Clinique and Glamour Magazine support Big Brothers Big
Sisters too.


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