Take SEMPO’s Definitive Survey on Search Engine Marketing

SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, wants people involved with SEM to take its 4th annual State of the Market survey. Marketers have come to eagerly await this, as it’s the single most thorough resource on SEM trends that any firm puts out, and the past few years it has kept getting better in regards to the depth and breadth.


Why should you take the survey?

  • Taking the survey will actually stimulate you to think about the
       resources you devote to SEO and paid search – which is a valuable exercise
       in itself.
  • First dibs – you will receive the preliminary survey results before
       they are released to SEMPO’s membership.
  • Support the SEM industry – this survey is highly regarded as a valuable
       resource for the industry.
  • 10% discount to Sprinkles Cupcakes with every five entries

Okay, the last bullet’s mine, not SEMPO’s, so don’t hold them to it. The other three reasons are good enough.