Wedding Recap (or, Nobody’s Business but the Turks & Caicos)

I’m back from my wedding in Turks & Caicos, and thanks to my wife, our parents, and everyone who came, it was a more incredible experience than I could have imagined.

This is a marketing blog, so I have to single out a few brands that also contributed to the wedding week:

  • The Somerset, where the wedding took place, is one of the best spots you can stay anywhere, in terms of service (thanks Katrina, Jennifer, Winston, and the whole gang), amenities, grounds, room decor, food, and just about everything else.
  • Ileana from Tropical Imaging, who was a true professional and a pleasure to work with; I can’t wait to see her photos.
  • Correy Forbes and the Lively Rakooneers, one of the best wedding bands I ever heard, and far more talented in person than I realized from his online recordings (they just don’t do him justice). For some really fun Caribbean music, I’m partial to "Knock and Jook" and "Dry Conch and Grits" on the Island Boys album.
  • The New York Times, for posting our wedding announcement, which is a dream come true for lifelong Sunday Styles readers

Some photos are below courtesy of Picasa, though they don’t yet include anything from the wedding itself.

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