Ego Post Alert: Todd Andrlik Interviews This Ad Age Power 150 Marketing Blogger

As a blogger, I can’t help but share the occasional ego post. But without ego, there would be no bloggers, so assuming you’re reading this of your own free will, it’s a hidden cost of your time reading it.

On that note, Todd Andrlik, founder of the Power 150 Marketing Blogs that has since been rebranded as the Ad Age Power 150, interviewed me for his ongoing feature. Todd’s a fantastic interviewer, and I’m really impressed with how he ordered the Q&A to create a great flow to it. Credit goes to the editor there, not the subject.

You’ll find out way more than you ever wanted to know about me, including tidbits like this:

How long do you expect to continue blogging?  What’s your end game?
There’s no endgame. I’d imagine I’ll participate in some form of
self-publishing or self-expression for life. Perhaps if I know my time
is coming, I’ll set up a bunch of posts to appear well after I’m gone
so people keep reading. I could just see the reaction that’d get. One
of my grandsons will call his mom and say, “PopPop blogged again. He
said ‘If you build it, they will come.’”

Read the full post over on Todd’s blog.