Eons Unofficiailly Throws in the Towel

Eons was the social network for boomers. Quick story arc: launched with massive PR, raised $22 million, then laid off 1/3 of its staff.

Now comes this message to members (I lied about my age before to test it out so I got this directly):

news is true, we’ve dropped the age limit or "gate" on Eons. We are
keeping our focus on boomers at center stage. We stand to become a more
interesting place for adults lovin’ life on the flipside as we broaden the
friendship ring and become more inclusive of this most-inspiring generation.

I give them a year, tops. Not that they’d have longer otherwise. It’s much easier for a network like Facebook to go broader since college students become alumni, and then alumni can pull in their peers. Boomers, like it or not, aren’t getting any younger.

One thought on “Eons Unofficiailly Throws in the Towel

  1. > Boomers, like it or not, aren’t getting any younger.
    This part is a joke yes?
    Not only are Boomers about the fastest growing cohort in absolute terms, but their spend/head in virtually all classes is growing far faster than any other cohort.
    It may well be that Eons will indeed tank… but to go from that to arguing that Boomers are anything other than the #1 BOOMING (sic) market for, well, pretty much anything, is just staggering.
    Personally, I think that Eon’s “dropping the age limit” is a knee jerk reaction to them getting the business model wrong… despite targetting the right market.

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