Facebook Still Enlists Me in Blockbuster’s Ad Campaign

It’s funny, so many of my friends pay more attention to Blockbuster’s ads now, but then they also tell me about it, and it then gives me another opportunity to gripe about Blockbuster and Facebook.

In case you’re wondering, the only reason I continue to be a fan of Blockbuster is for research purposes. I was never a fan of Blockbuster, at least not since I was around 12 and I thought it was cool to drop the VHS tapes off in the chute.

The latest screen shot comes via Chris Wilson of The Marketing Fresh Peel blog:Davidb

For those who want to catch up on the discussion, read the posts and comments on the Facebook Roundtable (with Adam Broitman, Howard Greenstein, Jeremiah Owyang, and Seni Thomas), coverage of an ironic incident of these social ads, and the mega comment post that started it all.

It might be fun to run a Photoshop contest to who can provide the best illustration (not a live example) of the last brand they’d ever want their own image promoting. If you’re game to take part, mention it in the comments. I’m heading on the road for a couple weeks but could kick off the contest before leaving. And yes, there’d be some prize for the winners.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Still Enlists Me in Blockbuster’s Ad Campaign

  1. One of my biggest problems with the way Blockbuster uses your account (besides not asking your permission) is the way that their ads look like another piece of Facebook.
    The way they are setup it would be easy to mistake the ad for way to click through to your profile to find out more about your direct association with Blockbuster (from your profile). Instead, when you click through it sends you straight to Blockbuster’s home page, leaving innocent users confused.
    BTW – I’m down for the contest.

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