And the Winner Is…

Update: In honor of Kaila’s win, five books have been donated through Amazon to the Camel Book Drive. Congrats again, Kaila.

Last month I debuted a contest for creating an Anti-Social Ad for Facebook. I’m proud to (belatedly) announce the winning entry, this gem from one of my favorite bloggers and writers, Kaila Colbin:


Bonus points for including two formats with different copy.

Given that Kaila’s in New Zealand, I’ll let her choose whether to give the months of Netflix to someone in the US, donate the winnings to the camel book drive, or name the charity of her choice.

Congrats, Kaila!

3 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. Thanks so much, David! Go for the book drive — I love to support reading. Incidentally, The Devil in the White City was a fantastic book; thanks for recommending it.
    Jeff, I appreciate your comment!
    All the best,

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