How to Get Featured on this Blog – MarketingSherpa

MarketingSherpa just answered your most burning question: how can you get featured on this very blog?

Okay, I’m not sure I offered any great revelations. Most of it’s PR best practices as they’ve evolved for blog outreach:

->Tip #4. Get to the point

Why are you pitching him? What’s in it for him? The message needs to be front and center, stated early on, so he doesn’t have to scan the whole email.

->Tip #5. Name drop

It’s the first thing that gets his attention. If you represent a known entity or are someone who has said something relevant before, you’ll get a response right away.

Read all the tips at MarketingSherpa. If you have more that apply to your blog, comment away.  And to all of you who’ve taken the time to share interesting links, books, campaigns, tech demos, and other tidbits, thanks for keeping me in mind.

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