Internet Marketing Conference – Mobile Marketing Event June 4

In a rare twist for me, I’ll be going to an event next week ust as an attendee, not a speaker or blogger. What would motivate me to do such a crazy thing? Internet Marketing Conference’s agenda for its upcoming event Mobile Marketing: The Next Evolution. Scroll down for a bonus discount if you plan on attending.

Sessions include:

  • Monetizing Mobile—Reward your Community for Marketing Your Brand by Alan Levy, CEO of BlogTalkRadio
  • Surfing, searching, and Sharing Mobile Internet Without Typing by Aage Reerslev, CEO of
  • Location Services Roundtable
  • Creating a Sticky Mobile Expereience by Ludo Collin, General Manager of Starcut
  • Widgets in Motion – Syndication Beyond the Desktop by Wil Tan, co-founder of MojiPage
  •                                   Promotional Marketing for the Small Screen by Jeff Weitzman, CEO of Coupons, Inc.

Full disclaimer: I’m not a media sponsor. I still hope to blog the heck out of this thing. But I have NO affiliation with that event in any way.

That being said, I did mention to the organizers that I’m blogging this and would be happy to mention it on the blog. It’s Wednesday, June 4 in NYC, going all day.

Here’s a bonus for you: I’ve got two discount codes for readers of this blog. The normal rate’s $695, and the code will let you register for $199. Just comment on this post that you want to attend and I’ll send you the code. That’s nearly $500 off, which you can use to buy a Wii Fit, given the black market for those things.

Oh, and if you have any real aversion to commenting for any reason, email me at marketersstudio (at) gmail (dot) com. You can even write me on Twitter, if it’s working. The first two messages I see get the discount.

If you’re already going or plan to now, definitely drop me a line and we can catch up there.

4 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Conference – Mobile Marketing Event June 4

  1. I also want to attend an internet conference like this. I hope I can do it this year. Using coupon codes is very good in saving money. I like to share

  2. I guess it looks like I am the first to comment… and would love to take advantage of the discount codes if still available… I plan to attend the conference with the CTO of our digital platform…
    Sounds awesome!!

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