Killa KFC

I just caught this new KFC commercial about some kind of chipotle-flavored fried chicken. The two times I’ve eaten KFC I’ve regretted it, so I would have ignored the spot if I wasn’t so distracted by the actor playing the father. Thanks to Google, I was able to find a direct link to the spot on KFC’s website, which is smart on a number of levels, as it gets to control the brand experience rather than passing the buck to YouTube.

With a little more Googling, sure enough the actor in the KFC commercial is Chris Williams, one of the most memorable guest stars on Curb Your Enthusiasm in the Krazee-Eyez Killa epidode. A number of message boards, including those on IMDB, confirmed it’s the same dude. Presumably KFC’s target audience isn’t watching too much Curb, as the character shift is way too jarring.



A few other thoughts:

1) Krazee-Eyez Killa needs his own show, on cable, ideally a subscription channel so the whole show wouldn’t get bleeped out.

2) I clicked around KFC’s promo area which led me to the Yum Brands store. Not only can you get a KFC Colonel bobblehead, but you can buy a "spa retreat" package in the KFC section. It’s essentially cheap hotel shampoo and slippers. Really. You NEED to see this on their site, as the KFC connection’s unclear from the photo below.

3 thoughts on “Killa KFC

  1. David:
    You’ve really only eaten KFC twice in your life?
    Great call on Krazee Eyed Killa – I love how you can actually check those things right away.
    But mostly, I’d love to have been privy to the conversations that lead to the appearance of the “spa kit” on the KFC site!

  2. You dug deep on this one!!!! Don’t you love it when you see something and you just can’t let it go until all your presumptions are confirmed or negated. What would adnormally curious guys like us do without internet?

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