The Facebook Presentation I’m Not Giving Today

This is a little unorthodox for me. Tonight, I was supposed to be giving a keynote presentation at an event in NYC where Facebook developers and advertisers would get together. The event has been postponed until September, and I’m still going to be speaking there, but two months can be a long time in this business. The presentation will probably evolve a fair amount by then.

So what should I do with the presentation?

In case it’s useful to anyone and perhaps remotely thought provoking, I’m posting it here, via Slideshare. I’ve added some annotations to make it a bit more coherent, although if it’s really meant to accompany a talk rather than stand on its own.

I welcome your thoughts on what’s here.

One thought on “The Facebook Presentation I’m Not Giving Today

  1. I liked the deck, esp the last part – I thought you were coming up with a story and thinking through “branding” of apps right in the deck – and you infused it with humor and lightness – too bad they postponed the event for 2 months – glad you put the deck up now, as is.

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