Baa Humbug: A Sheepish Poke at September 11

There are many great ways to remember the terrorist attacks of September 11 if one chooses to do so. This morning, I watched a bit of the World Trade Center memorial service on the local cable station NY1 where I heard the name of a college friend who was killed.

Once I got to the office, I got an email alert saying, "You’ve been SuperPoked!" with the text, "____ has remembered 9/11 with you. Check it out!"

What?! This same app lets you take any number of virtual actions with friends, like blowing a kiss, or b!*$% slapping (that’s how they write it) or throwing an octopus (yes, that’s a real one).

I’m all for people choosing to remember or even not remember the tragedies in any way that best suits them, but I was surprised to see the imagery for the 9/11 remembrance SuperPoke. With the backdrop of the American flag, it shows a sheep (the application’s mascot) bowing its head before a candle, with a clip from "God Bless America" playing in the background.

This one pokes me the wrong way. What about you?
Am I too uptight about this? Does it also irk you in some way?


2 thoughts on “Baa Humbug: A Sheepish Poke at September 11

  1. That’s extra. It’s turning something terribly serious into a cutesy little reminder. Maybe it’s me but I don’t think the world should ever forget 9-1-1 or the Holocaust or even slavery and all of their atrocities. But I don’t think they should be remembered in a cartoonish kind of way. Thank you for sharing.

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