Social Cash Keynote at Social Ad Summit

Gordon Peters, Social Cash

How should brands get involved in conversations?
Avenue 1:
– Hyper-targeted ads – platform (eg Facebook ads targeted to user, interests)
– Hyper-targeted ads – applications (eg putting one’s friends’ pictures in the ad)

Avenue 2:
– Branded Apps (eg Timberland Earthkeepers app to help people save the earth, planted 100K trees,

happened through viral growth)

Avenue 3:
– Fan Pages

Avenue 4:
– Social Groups

Must be fun, must have a different tone than there is in traditional media.

5 Takeaways
1) Define clear, measurable goals
2) Try multiple avenues, built a portfolio
3) Don’t fear the mob, cede some control
4) Leverage key metrics to drive growth
5) Test, learn, iterate