Facebook’s Jewdar Strikes Again

I can’t avoid it. Facebook’s Jewdar is too damn strong. Maybe I should give up and put my religion on my profile already, and then drape my profile in an Israeli flag. Once again, I’m getting pinned as Jewish there.

See the ad below. I already reached out to them to find out more.


Update: I sent a lengthy note asking the proprietors of NYCHighHolidays.com about their ad targeting, and they sent me this one-word response: "random." I’m assuming that refers to their ad targeting, and not the nature of my question. They probably get a lot of random questions, like if you can bring Pomeranians to services, and where to get good deals on lox for break-the-fast dinner.

I really would like to see someone try a little bit harder to ferret out the Jews. Maybe soon you’ll be able to target fans of The Great Schlep – but then again, all my black friends who’ve mentioned it to me like it as much as any Jews I know (and a couple of the racist Jews I know don’t find it funny at all).

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