Google Adds a Footnote to the Blog Search Column

Written on the plane, to sync up via email when I land in Atlanta…


Sure enough, as soon as I posted my column on Google Blog Search, Google updated it significantly.


I haven’t gotten to test it out, as I’m writing this in transit, but Read/Write Web has a good recap

. Marshall Kirkpatrick writes:


Instead of the blank page look of, Blogsearch now looks like Google News (but uglier) – with the hottest topics from the blogosphere aggregated on the front page. Readers can drill down in 11 different categories, from technology, business, sports and entertainment. Google says you can use Blogsearch to see what the world is talking about




Kirkpatrick compares it to Techmeme

, which I didn’t even mention in my blog search roundup since that site’s focus is listing what’s hot in the tech blogosphere and aggregating posts around the biggest stories. The changes for Google BS (hehe) should prove useful. When running a search on GBS, Google already showed the top posts for that search, and this now provides a packaged roundup, which I look forward to perusing.



It still doesn’t address my number one wish list item, which is adding in charts – essentially Google Trends for Blogs, ideally with some of the great info you get in Google Insights for Search



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